Sunday, September 16, 2012


At this time of the year we are transitioning the garden from Summer to Fall and Winter.
Although we will continue to pick jalapenos, okra, banana and bell peppers till first frost, the garden is being prepped for Fall crops broccoli, collards, chard and carrots.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the pole beans this year. This was the first year we actually built tepees for them. We planted in April and they had vigorous growth through June. We did pick them often in June but then very little production. I had really planned to pull them up and prep the bed for something else. However in the last few weeks, they are producing "messes" of green beans again. It's great to have fresh vegetables from the garden at this time of the year.
We are also canning pickled banana peppers. They are delicious as a garnish for salad or other vegetables.